General Contractor in South Florida

Here are some of the many things that we do at Arangos Development.

  • Carpentry

    We have expert carpenters on hand to handle any project you may have.

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  • Bathrooms

    Your property is an investment and having an updated bathroom not only gives it a warm feel but helps in times of selling or buying.

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  • Kitchens

    We have a vast stock of samples and different kitchen designs to choose from, we can take all ideas and recreate them into your home.

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  • Floors

    Our professionals can guide you, in choosing a floor that will appeal to your satisfaction, from marble tile to wooden floors.

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  • Windows

    Windows are A BIG deal. Where a large storm can happen at a moments notice, having up to date windows keeps your mind at ease.

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  • Doors

    New doors can make your property look very sharp. We have a huge selection to choose from and the ability to deliver and install.

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  • Drywall

    From small drywall repair to large scale drywall installation, Arango's Development specializes in drywall.

  • Framing

    Framing gives a structure the proper support and shape. We can provide quality design and give your property a stable support.

  • Textures

    Any and all textures can be furnished by our professionals at Arango's Development. We believe in 100% client satisfaction.

  • Stucco

    In South florida, having a strong exterior is a MUST! Stucco is a strong but decorative coating for interior or exterior walls.

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  • Full Renovations

    All over South Florida, we have been specializing in renovation for over 20 years. Your ideas and satisfaction is our priority.

  • Additions

    When designing and building an addition, our main priority is to make it look like it has always been part of the structure.

New Construction Project

More Than Just a Construction Company

In time of buying or remodeling, there are many places that you may need to go in order to have all the materials needed to complete the scope of work. At Arango's Development, we give our clients the peace of mind they deserve with the personalized service of ordering and delivering all materials needed.

We become perfectionist at Arango's Development, by not only making sure we have 100% customer satisfaction but through our work as well.

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Additional General Contractor Services

  • Home Inspections

    In time of purchasing or selling a home, one can face many issues as far as bad plumbing, roofing, faulty electrical systems, mold and much more. Save the time and hassle of running into the problem in the future and have the issue corrected by hiring a home inspector today. With our home inspection services, we make sure we go above and beyond to address any and all issues your home may have.

  • Mold Remediation

    Mold can be very dangerous and it can cause serious health concerns. Mold can be visible as well as in the air you breathe, it can also be very difficult to remove if you are unsure or have never removed mold. At Arango's Development, we are professionals in the remediation of mold, in the south Florida area. If your home has areas of mold growth, call us immediately for a FREE quote.

  • Paint

    From Commercial to Residential, Arango's Development LLC specializes in interior and exterior paint. We have completed hundreds of painting jobs all over south Florida. We are very precise with our paint work and all of our jobs are completed in a timely fashion to accommodate to our clients schedule. If you are in need of A painting professional, call us today for a FREE quote.

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Commercial Renovations

Commercial Renovations

For over 20 years, we have been specializing in commercial renovations in south Florida. Your ideas and satisfaction is our priority. If you manage or maintain commercial property and you've been looking to make some new renovations, then call us today for a free quote.

When it comes to commercial renovation, we have a focus on executing all interior and exterior renovations with a sub-division in stucco, foam and paint.

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